#FawakaFriday is born!

Let me tell you a little bit more about this new project. While watching some television yesterday evening, I got inspired by Chantal Janzen. During her Dutch show ‘Chantal blijft slapen’, she gets invited by famous Dutch people to stay over for the night and shares cool insights about them in a quirky way. 

Yesterday she spend the night at her ex mother in law, Willeke Alberti. The moment she left she got very emotional.

Why – even though it is her ex mother in law, this woman is still a big inspiration to her. She mentioned that most of the time we speak about how special somebody is, the moment they die. You’ll probably recognize this, in the last hours, minutes, before someone passes away or at their funeral…

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not the type of guy that likes to talk that much. Especially not about myself. It might be a cultural or a ‘men thing’ or just because I’m shy.

Anyway, it’s not about me!

What I do know, is that most of my daily inspiration I get from the people I meet and talk to. 

Yes – this is important to me!

Yes – this makes me a better person!

Yes – I need to share this inspiration with the world!

Just ask the question: ‘Fawaka?’. It means ‘How are you?’ in Surinamese. Just listen and get inspired by the words. And the most important thing, share this with your relatives and loved ones or whoever wants to listen. 

So – don’t wait until that moment. It might be to late. Join today, start the conversation and share!

Tag someone special with the hashtag #FawakaFriday and let them speak! This is the best way to start your weekend!

 Thank you